The Long Haul

Humanity now has two new words which transcend nationality and language, covid-19 and coronavirus. They are spoken and written all around the world. At last we all have something in common.

To me it looks like people really don’t know what to do about this current situation and they are trialling various strategies. Because of my underlying health issues, I am in one of the vulnerable subgroups, who might be required to self-isolate, which I am in practise already doing. Here at least for now, the virus density is low, one of the benefits of living in a relatively sparsely populated neck of the woods. I even managed to get my cancer screening done at the local hospital. For a small regional hospital, they have some pretty fancy CT scanners, there is nothing quite like an iodine based, high Z, contrast agent, surging though your veins, a very weird sensation.

When all this kicked off, we watched “I am legend” and various other pandemic / zombie movies. The wife wasn’t overly keen but went along with it. It is useful to visualize “worst case” scenarios. We are in uncharted territory now and heading deeper. On a map it might be written “here be dragons”.  It seems to me that many are clutching at straws and getting data overload. They are looking at very granular data sets and over interpreting stuff, which may have little statistical significance, in the hope that they can use it to justify keeping various sectors open and shutting down others. About once a week I trawl through the data to see what is happening globally, I make my own interpretations. It all points at the long haul. The “whack a mole” strategies, are not really working all that well. Things could go much more “pear shaped”. Hmnn..There could be much more civil unrest and things stateside are looking mightily unstable.

All this is pointing at biting the bullet and installing that wood burner, maybe we need to think a bit more like a “prepper”.