Hidden Dragon

Beneath the granite

the slate and the shale

dripping mystic tears

the cave broods



Each hesitant drop

marks time, as it

ekes a basin

out the rocks;

the metronome of destiny


Myddrin of the opened eye

watches from afar

as Taliesin he opines

and verses Bardic on

the gathering Eisteddfodau of dreams


‘neath the cornerstone

the hidden Dragon stirs

scratching an ear

with a claw,

pensive on his waking


Who calls forth

the Dragon from his sleep?

Who has the temerity

to enter his brooding lair?

Who summons the Dragon’s breath?


Stretching lithe

and yawning wide

he flexes wings

unfurled flags

and blinking eyes


He remembers when

he came here

from the Dragon’s realm

high on the cosmic planes

to be Sentinel


Again the eye is open

he climbs out the cave

to his mountain Eyri

to espy

the world of men


And he breathes

the very hush of Dragon’s breath

rolling over fields

under doors

to permeate, to permeate


The breath clings

holding its magic lore

intact, sensing smells

and nuance

as the Dragon now inhales


He breathes again



and before

to cloak the world


For in the mist

of Dragon’s breath

only he can see

and as the Sentinel of eternity

he must ever watch


With eyes keen

beyond ken

and sharp,

as sharp

as the Sword of Taia.


Y Ddraig Glas

the very last of the Sentinels

is now abroad

and his aeonial purpose