Fruits of the Garden

It is a bit dank and damp this morning, so it may be a DIY day after we have done the weekly or biweekly tip run.

We have over a hundred trees here in the compound, I counted them one day, many of which need a lot of TLC. Bit apprehensive about chainsaws so all of this is cut by hand with a pruning saw.

We have time, and I need to get fitter, so 500 euro for a chainsaw and protective kit may yet have to wait a while..I’ll get around to the hedge when it stops growing.

Up in the “orchard” we have peaches, plumbs, strawberries, blackcurrants, walnuts, apples and pears. Not great fans of things sweet like jam or tarts, so apple sauce and home  brew wine it is. I have found an excellent Belgian supplier of all things brew related.

The wife is learning lab practice from an ex chemistry teacher…

Those other worlds seem so far away…