It Is Happening Again

Before I get into that over the last few days or so something bizarre has been occurring. To put this into context I am 56 years old. We are in the middle of a procurement exercise for some shutters, a kitchen and a wood burning stove. At the kitchen place the young woman who was taking us through the design winked at me three times. On one occasion I was so taken a back that my body moved backwards. I told the wife after our “interview” and she was not impressed. Then it happened again yesterday. The man from the stove placed winked at me and the woman from the shutter supplier also did this. It is a bit odd…what is going on?

Over the last few days, I have been getting intense breakthrough of various people from my distant past in London. By distant I mean well over a decade. I can be sat smoking or out in the garden pruning the walnut tree and suddenly they are present in my consciousness. It is perhaps an activated grape vine or jungle drums sounding around the metaphorical campfire. It is quite intrusive. They are mostly my old colleagues, though there are some from another university. It has been building in strength and they are there now, just at the edge of my consciousness. There is an event upcoming which might be causal of this.

Either this phenomenon is real, or I am in some way hallucinating… but it is happening again.

Hmnn… bizarre city Arizona