It Starts to Change

Odd day yesterday, I decided to stop smoking, largely for financial reasons and here I am 36 hours without a cigarette. The last time I went this long was when I was hospitalised with my broken hip, last year.

Yesterday evening I spoke with my friend in the aftermath of his discovery and it seems that I may be getting involved in some manner with his start-up company and all those BYTs (bright young things). These are some Profs at US universities a lot younger than me. It will be a moot point to find out if I can still hack it.

This raises the question as to what to do with my patent application.

So, what is some old git from a sleepy one-horse town, in rural Brittany, doing with that high-falutin bunch of up and coming stars of the future?

Does that mean I am going to have to fly to the US of A? I will set the metal detectors off now with that pin in my hip!!

Hmnn…I might actually have to talk to people, socialise even…God forbid…