A Universe Near Ours- A Whimsy

Einstein teaches Math to his relatives

Dirac works for B&Q

selling bra-kets for shelves

and Schrödinger has “Hollywood Cats-

A grooming parlour for the discerning”,

whilst Heisenberg takes over Ladbrokes

just to be certain.


Marvel Comics has recruited Nietzsche

to write heroic tales

Burgess has moved to Geneva

and works for Rolex, in sales

Blake has joined Thomas Cook

to write slogans on beaches

in Moscow Dostoyevsky and son,

appear at all the daily impeaches

Dylan Thomas (co-founder of AA)

works now for OK Cupid

day in and out

until he is stupid.


The Colonel licks his fingers

because he has won

and Ronald writes Gospels

in sesame seed buns

Posh drinks bottles of Becks

whilst admiring her plasticine pecs

and thank God for dearest old Twitter

there is not a Soul

… … who is still drinking bitter