Inside the bubble

Perhaps this has a different meaning now that some encapsulated RNA has caught all our attention.


Looking out

on the madcap


all penguins at the zoo

when the Herrings come


Perceptions flicker

fanned with fear

licking in the flue of time

craving worms

around the nest, chirping hungry


The membrane

stretched tight

to repel random arrows

pressing against it



Serenity abounds

cushioned plastic

far from the world

snug and cosy

quiet and calm


A brief incandescence

brings a flare

shooting distress in the sky

a needless panic

is no panacea


The stress bunnies

multiply like rabbits

in their covens

hoping their feet

will bring luck


Inside the bubble

eyelids heavy

looking out the iris

the reticent retina

counts photons


Out there

in the storm

the ships

batten down

and wait the passing


Inside the bubble

he writes babble

for the shop window

but these days

no one passes


No foot fall

not even a mouse

each word

costs only a cent

here inside the bubble