Mirror of Rejection

Forlorn and alone

the scarecrow looked again

into the mirror of rejection


Even the carrion birds

ran from his gaze

not looking his button eyes


Waiting day after day

and night after night

whilst Jack sneaks past


Dusting icing sugar

and piping icicles

on his hands


The hundreds and thousands

in the sky

twinkling light years


Is his love too meagre

his heart so cold

to look at?


The straws by his ears

greying a little now

scratching his stubble chin


Quizzical as ever

and wondering

each every epoch of hours


His eyes look through

the mirror of rejection

desolate and all seeing


As November nears

he sees them gathering wood

and building pyres


He knows only too well

what this means, but at least

He will be warm for one night.