Mists of Dragon Lore

I have a bit of a “thing” about dragons. I have a joke that I was aiming to incarnate in Bhutan, saw the flag of Wales and ended up in Cardiff instead. Born in the year of the dragon, in a land of dragon lore and now living in Pays du Trégor …


Flag of Wales (1959–present).svg

Flag of Bhutan

The flighty Golden Dragon

swims through the air

filled with coy and cunning

shining, shimmering, volatile, majestic


The Green Tree Dragon hides

just outside the window

whispering healing,

through the panes and leaves


The red, Red Dragon breathes

fire and brimstone

sensuality, passion



The Blue Dragon soars

sober and scholarly

with eyes that see,



The Thunder dragon

sounds hammers

in the mountain anvils

and forges


The Chinese Dragon

tells riddles

and rhymes

of changing wisdom


And the crying free man

born Son of Dragon

carries blood

in his claws


Blood of ages

carried across Galaxies

from other aeons

and he is a most Ancient Dragon


Go now to the place

the place appointed you

and coalesce

coalesce the Eternal Mists of Dragon Lore