Puck and Ariel

Here is an imagined dialogue between Puck and Ariel; an excuse to try and play stylistically after Shakespeare. I remember having a great deal of fun doing this…


Hail fellow well met….


how fayres you this humid day

when vapors calm bestill the air?


ah Ariel, 

 … … old friend of mine

of good cheer yet, am I


Puck, how com’st you to this point?


despite all the vapors ‘neath Mother’s skirt

with which apron strings

dost the world silently to throttle

have in my sack 

a fine and hearty, little, bottle


what say we drinkst of grape

brought from warmer climes

to temper our tongues with sweeter words?


Puck ’tis most welcome gest

for ever onward must we quest


Salut! then oh faithful sprite

to make some hay

before end of night


loss is theirs and not of me

shall’st we take some shade

‘neath yonder winsome, willow tree?


aye, Puck a thought most tender

a friend as you

doth make this heart, wide to render


tell me sprite what things hast seen

in your travels to the in between?


on Orion’s noble belt

He carries starlight

and cosmic pelts


for hunter most persistent He

and plucketh fruit from off the tree

and, in His magic sac

has now full set of jewels pac’k

shine they most awesome bright

use them will’st He,  

to bring some light


Oh belov’d sprite, 

thou bringst me much delight!

for news as this is a salve quite fair

a gift from out the very air

breath as this brings taste to wine

to speak of cosmic and divine


for deeds most gruesome petty

have been sailing to this jetty

a pinch of stardust is now overdue

what say we make some me and you?


Aye let’s get the golden bowl

to add some sparkle and some dew

mix it with a snowy owl

and a leaf of fevers few

drop within some martyr’s blood

and stop the tears which seek to flood

stir it well some humours to create

and hope that ’tis not too late


Sprite now pour into the cup

and from it both shall we sup….

Karma’s cup is its name

Sangraal is its mortal fame

to sip of such as this will fly

and ne’er again will have to die… ….