Snow “Haiku”

Snowed in at Squirrel Lodge very near where they filmed Robin Hood starring Russell Crowe.

Apparently some of the film crew had rented the cottage just before us.

If I am not careful I might get to find fifty words for snow, like Kate Bush…


as white as a blanket

the world is wrapped

in an icy duvet


even the stars

are muffled by it,

ears cannot hear


the postman’s envelopes

are not delivered

embossed, by a watermark


the waters of life

hang icicle sharp

always pointing, crying


the velvet dusk

adds a hush, and a whisper

a Night falls beaten


the frigid world

shivers determined

and so very, sure


yet a warm body

in the morgue of life,

has a heart still beating


blood in the arteries

adds a splash

some Technicolor™


cold monochrome

has passed this world,

a Bardo of ghosts


this too shall pass

as ice and a germ

dance their tango


the salt tears

of the spirit, melt

even ardent glaciers


cabin fever raises

mercury high,

the winged messenger


Gandalf the white

has painted

a tableau, exquisite


a sage in the forest

seeks only thyme

green with a healing


za-zen sitting

in always patient,

dawn will come


hot water

on the bird bath,

a sparrow bathes


breadcrumbs on snow

the robin smiles

he is still alive!!