The Tao of Breakfast

Written on a balmy September morning whilst enjoying my breakfast on my inner city balcony..


It rises on the breath and

falls into the comforting pillow of nothingness


And crosses the safety catch of release

and shudders through the tissue paper smile


It sways with hips in the sunlight dance

of the Etruscan empire’s setting sun


And flies with the Canada geese on the autumn skies

and writes the farewell letters flickering the kite tail’s goodbye


It flows together into the trusted delta’s gathering arms and

haunts with the pull of fate’s winding woodland trails


And rises on the compass point

and bursts with the geysers spurting pressured relief


It dances the shimmer of the thousand veils and

finds that pea beneath the bed


And dives and echoes across the fabric folding

and folds back upon itself… formed in the end of time


It sneaks under the door and pierces the heart and

grips under the mind’s suspicious skin


And binds together in the pooling drops of rain

and winds down the city streets with quicksilver’s gathering force


It picks the sparkle packets and welds and moulds them

into the plastascine ghosts of beginning and shapes the fire within


And brings the patient commuters together for the stormy pirate ship

and searches the highways for the inner gold


It forms as the jellyfish bubble rising up

up through the sea from the belly of life


And decorates with the expectant mother’s urgency

and frets and fusses the flowers into being