Not a question of if rather when. So tomorrow lock down 2.0 starts here in France and we will have to print out a pile of Attestations. Our projects such as the log burner and new kitchen may be put on hold. It remains to be seen what the detail will be.

France is back in the top five, so to speak, still America first, but India will overtake eventually.

I guess we will be buying some paint and stuff this afternoon in case the DIY stores close.

Weeks back it was looking inevitable. Crossing fingers and hoping that the virus will go away is not an effective measure. Putting off lock down to save the economy, may backfire.

This morning I go to see a lung doctor to see whether I have COPD. I will be able in all honesty to say that I have not smoked for 12 days straight now. And should this continue I will be using up less Attestations for essential supplies.

Last time the lock down kicked in I was at the liver specialist to check for any signs of metastatic disease, the day before it started.

Looking at the P type planning in the UK, it all looks rather messy, “could not organise a piss up in a brewery”. Here is does seem organised, planned even.

As long as the tip stays open, we will be able to make our regular garden waste runs.

So, on the face of it not much will change for us.

I am wondering how covid fatigue will play out in terms of civil unrest and what is going to happen with orange boi stateside.

Strange times..