What deeds afoot, this night?

For Hallowe’en…


What deeds afoot, this night?

That breathe fumes of sulphur

‘pon the most noble of gold

Thence to tarnish even this lasting metal


With each letter phosphorous

An acrid acid bile, etches

Harsh pits of walnut skin

To pock mark the face of youth


Pustules erupt volcanic

Spreading the very spores

Of a dissonance most strident

To full offend the ears


Of them that still hast


Foul irksome wind seeps

Into the veins of the world

A leviathan corpuscle and bestial

A Gholem, to prowl the mind


Ill, most ill, a miasma builds

Hate and bitterness her name

Relentless and unyielding

With her chisels of barbs


To etch close the dearest muscle

And tools such as these

Have bent oft to turn ‘gainst spirit

Own ends and artifice, have won


Though now riddled with the worms

Which hast eaten the pages

Out the book of destiny

To place HER name on the throne


This discomfort seat doth itch

Now more than a little

A hive of bees stirs

In the world of nether


The desolation which she hath dispersed

Out the womb of her magnificence

Now lays waste the land

An aeonial blight, now past her fingers


And her name is ;

Babylon the Great, the Mother of Prostitutes and Abominations of the Earth.

Βαβυλὼν ἡ μεγάλη, ἡ μήτηρ τῶν πορνῶν καὶ τῶν βδελυγμάτων τῆς γῆς;

And she walks now amongst us.