Misogi Pūjā Dream 10-10-19

I didn’t have a sleeping tablet last night and as a consequence perhaps I found it difficult to get off to sleep. But when I did, I had my first nocturnal dream for many weeks. {Perhaps I need to forego an easy initial sleep in order to dream?}

I arrive at a motorway service station in the dead of night. It is a little scruffy and run down. The car park is full of trucks and cars. Surprisingly for the time of night the place is very busy. In the dream I understand it to be a crossroads, a crossroads of paths. I go into the service station and head for the toilets. The canteen, I can see, is full of people dressed normally. In the toilets I notice some showers that start off looking like regular gym showers. I go into them in my boxer shorts, I am walking normally in the dream.

I go to one shower head and am joined at the next shower head by a Tibetan-Chinese man in a white loin cloth. He is completely bald, no body hair, but has a startling pair of eyebrows. His head and face are tanned but his body is white, very white. I am hirsute as per real life next to him by contrast. He reaches up to the soap dispenser above his head but cannot operate it. He gestures to me. I reach over and press the soap release button and a big dollop of soap lands on his head. He finds this hysterically funny and punches me lightly on the shoulder in a friendly and jocular manner. The showers are now much more like an underground cavern with soft candle like lighting.

Both of our shower heads are now working. He does not know who or what I am. He says to me that I must do Pūjā and starts to wash me. He then starts to wash himself. In the dream I know that he means Misogi or purification. He gestures to me to take off my boxer shorts and use these to wash. He removes his loin cloths and starts scrubbing himself with this covered in soap. I follow suit with my boxers. He is very happy that we are doing Pūjā together. His face is beaming. This washing goes on for a long time in the dream. I know it is Misogi and that there is a need for this.

The dream ends and I awake with various figures who I associate with Tibetan Buddhism at the periphery of my consciousness.