Relentless Assassins Dream 25-5-18

Wow! That was strange. I have just woken up after my afternoon nap. The day after Aikido I often have one because I don’t usually sleep all that well during the night. But this was two hours long and bloody strange.

In the dream I am a/the target. I am being pursued by some relentless high technology assassins. Wherever I go they are there either before me or shortly after me. They are dressed in black shiny latex jumps suits sometimes with, sometimes without motorbike helmets. I never see their faces. Always they are carrying monitoring technology and have state of the art multiple shot weaponry. These always have very large magazines yet are small in dimension.

I am at a hotel complex and I hear a motorbike with side car pull up. Instinctively I know it is black and that something is up. I run down the corridor for the fire escape. There is a hail of bullets as I head to the fire exit. I get out and hide in a Biffa style rubbish bin. I can hear them searching for me. When they have gone I go back to my room and it has been ransacked. I look at my day bag and it now has a tracking device on it. There are bugs in my room. I leave and go somewhere else.

When I arrive they are already there waiting in hiding. They have been tracking my movements, I see them just before they see me. Soon they are again chasing me. I give them the slip and hide. I can hear them saying that the target has been acquired and that they are hunting me down. They are in “radio” contact with a base. They see me, and I run, again they are shooting at me. I can hear bullets whizzing past. For some reason somebody else returns their fire. They flee. They leave behind a weapon this is small and hand held, but the transparent magazine is loaded with ~50 small round metallic bullets. There is also a hand-held tracking computer with two LED touch screens on it. In the dream I know that the tracking device is set to my channel. I know now that they are monitoring my every move.

I get to another building and hear them arrive. I have to find a hiding place. I see a mattress on a bed which is close to the floor. The clearance between the mattress and the floor is only a couple of inches. I figure that if I can get under there and heave the mattress on top of me, they won’t look there. I struggle to get under the mattress as I hear them approaching. I have with me the high technology gun they left behind. I can feel the weight of the mattress. It is heavy, and I am struggling to get under it.

I struggle to wake up. It takes quite a while to wake from the dream. I feel whacked and disoriented. I look outside the bedroom window and can see Stompie under the fat balls. This dream has been unlike any I have ever had before. {Stompie is the name I gave to a rook with one and a half legs, who was a frequent visitor}