River-Buddha-Key Dream 24-11-19

This morning I woke up at 5am and got up for some coffee. I was contemplating that some people are very intractable and insistent. I had the visual image of two armies entrenched as per the first world war. It was an image that portrayed the utter futility which human beings are capable of, they dig in and fire at each other. I went back to bed just before 7am and had this dream.

The dream starts here in Brittany. I get in my car and drive onto the quatre voies heading south. I take the first exit which leads up a hill to vast expanse of pristine tarmac. I get out of my car on my crutches and walk around the tarmac which I understand to be a car park for busses. It has only just been built and is entirely empty. I am at one edge of the tarmac and I can see a path leading off into a housing estate of sorts. At the other side of the car park a group of men appear with large dogs. They are heading towards me. I decide that I had better take the path, which I do.

The men are mildly threatening and one of the dogs is let off the leash. I am now part of the way down the path, the dog catches up with me and instead of growling it is playful and happy. It is a kind of Labrador based mongrel and is extremely friendly towards me. When the men see this, they relax and pass me saying “bonjour”. I carry on along the path and come to a crossroads of paths. There two men there say to me that I should take the path to the right, but I know I must take the path to the left because it heads towards the river. If I follow the river it will lead me home.

I follow the left path through the housing estate which is made of small stone cottages with tiny but immaculate gardens. The path leads me down some steps to a paved path next to the river which is flowing gently. I follow the river upstream. Soon the path is blocked by a school. I decide to walk through the school to find the path which I can see leads away on the other side. I enter the school and am at first nervous because schools don’t like strange men walking in off the street. Inside I can see that it is a school partially dedicated to the handicapped, so being on crutches is OK there are provisions for wheelchairs.

Inside the school hall everyone is sat down for Christmas lunch. There are Christmas decorations and the staff and students are jolly and eating. I approach the head teacher who is at a table with some disabled students, one with Polio callipers and another young girl who has the exact same crutches as I do. They are speaking in Welsh accents and somehow, I am now in Wales and I know the river very well. I say to the head teacher that I am following the river and have taken the short cut through the school. I motion towards the door leading from the school hall which leads out onto the path. The door is chained shut and has a padlock. I ask If she might open it. She searches everywhere on her person for the key.  The little girl say that “Mavis” has the key and that she is in the office. She points me in the general direction.

On the way to the office I come across a quiet secluded waiting area with chairs. I sit down and begin to meditate. I generate a visual image of a Thai style seated golden buddha which is very shiny and complete with aura. I hold the image in my mind and then let it permeate me. I then project this thought form via my ajna centre into the minds of people from my past. Again, and again I pulse out this thought form. Next, I generate a golden reclining buddha. In the dream I lie on the floor and let this permeate. I then project this reclining image as before. 

I then get up and go to them office, where I find “Mavis”. She is a tall, young welsh woman with dark hair and her identity badge on a lanyard. Around her neck is string with a bunch of keys. I explain the situation to her, and she is very chatty and welcoming. We progress to the hall and to the door. She goes to open the padlock. It is now open. She is somewhat surprised that it did not need to be unlocked. She pushes open the doors and I go out onto the path. I say goodbye and the girl with the crutches waves at me.

The path along the river is now wet and it is starting to snow, which makes the scene more Christmas like. I continue along the river taking extra care with my steps on the snowy path. Around me the world is busy Christmas shopping, but I am focussed solely on the river path.


The dream ends.