Quitting and nAChRs

19 days without smoking now…

If understand what I have read, over the last twenty years or so I have collected more nicotinic acetylcholine receptors {nAChRs} in order to soak up the excess nicotine which I have been accustomed to provide.

Slowly the number density of these will reduce back to “normal”.

Not too many side effects, bit of brain fog, some headaches and a few cravings.

Doritos man, they are extra good now.

…stomach has been a bit off and loads of dreams at 100mph.

And all because of that nitrogen, blue on the right hand side. It picks up a proton in water

and then binds nicely…

There must be a few quid in it, if someone can dream up something that competes with nicotine for those binding sites…hmnn…

Can the nicotine be forced to act as a strongly bound ligand to something water soluble and non toxic?