Saving Christmas?

It is somewhat odd. We get to watch French TV and UK TV and the approaches to the whole SARS-CoV-2 pandemic are markedly different. In the UK they try to put a spin on things so that it is optimistic, here there are a tad more realistic, they say here that is very unlikely that Christmas will be the same. What is better to give loads of optimistic spin and then have the disappointment or to be realistic from the get-go? As an observer here the whole approach to Christmas is much more muted and balanced than the spend fest in the UK. The UK people are harping on about Christmas and getting out of lock down on the 2nd December. They want ministers to guarantee that it won’t be extended. Why?

It is pretty obvious that we are going to have lock down release cycles for some considerable time, maybe years…The fatigue of this will grow and unrest will get more prevalent. Trying to pretend otherwise is to set up for disappointment. Trying to cling to how things were in the past causes suffering. It is different and will remain different for a long while.

It will be just the two of us…and if we are lucky our wood burning stove will be installed by then. We have over a hundred trees and a saw, so it seemed an obvious buy. We have holly and ivy and mistletoe.

It is really quiet here this morning, very few cars going past outside the compound. That is lock down for you. In a few weeks we get to see an increase in walkers and joggers, but not yet, the cabin fever hasn’t set in. Tomorrow it will be even quieter. Normally we get church traffic on Sundays.

The knee on my good leg is playing up, which makes the stairs difficult and diminishes time in the garden. It is not hurting from all the praying…

I had a bizarre dream this morning, in which I got very drunk in South Kensington and then slept in my old office. When I woke, I had a mild hangover in the dream, I went in search of coffee and wandered around the building. I could see my colleagues, but they could not see me. I even went outside in the dream to where I used to smoke, the smoker’s corner. I used to share this with a colleague and two theoretician post-docs. It is weird smoking in a dream. I haven’t been anywhere near that place for over a decade. Odd…It is the first time that I have been drunk in a dream…

This then morphed into an open-air scene and I was hiking with a younger French Italian woman, who was some kind of professional guide. She was kitted out in top of the range hiking gear. Initially she was behind me. We approached a large cave system and she encouraged me to enter, because she knew the system well. We walked a long way in the cave system, and I turned on a torch. It was wet and brown and muddy with just enough height. We came out into the open air and then back into the caves. We approached a crossroads, where there was a choice of two tunnels, and we went right.

We the came out into the open air to a marshalling area. There was an outdoor shower which the woman and I used to get the mud off our clothes. There was an airport baggage conveyor belt and a metal detector gate around the belt. A man put his bag on the belt and spoke with the operative in a South African accent. I said to him;” Ach man South-African hej?” He wanted to know how come I noticed because his accent was very mild. I explained that I used to live in Zambia and had a few years in Australia therefore on occasion there is a tint of the Southern Hemisphere to me. He was glad to meet us. He picked up his bag and the two of us headed off, behind the guide woman into another bigger cave system. There was a sense of mission, even secret mission about what we were doing, and South is to do with the unknown.

It seemed to me that first part of the dream was the old and the second part is suggesting something new and unexpected coming in. There will be some kind of decision to make. I might need a guide / guidance possibly from a younger woman.

Yah, it is really quiet, here. Going to the tip to dispose of garden waste has not yet been decreed an essential trip. So, the mounds of garden waste are piling up. The leaf fall is near complete and there a lot of leaves out there, maybe we shall take them down to the river….

I am kind of excited because of the dream… I wonder what it is referring to, secret mission is the dreaming symbol for an indication of destiny.