Korea Dream 9-11-20

Since I stopped smoking my dreaming has been different…

I am travelling on business to South Korea. I am staying at a nice hotel and I have a very formal and immaculately dressed woman working as an interpreter. We go out to view various businesses, a university and a technology park.

During this I keep seeing the flash of light reflecting off a telescopic sight. I note where they are and am aware that someone who is not my host is watching me. I am under surveillance by a trained marksman.

We go back to the hotel and into the dining room. The hotel staff are nervous because we are early, and dinner isn’t ready. I tell them not to worry I’ll take a beer in the bar. We meet a young American hippie like woman there who has just arrived. She comments that the Koreans need to chill out a bit.

It becomes obvious that my interpreter has been tasked with looking after me in whichever way is necessary. It is her job to make sure that I am very happy.

The next day we go out touring technology again. The marksman is there monitoring me. I drop down behind a bush and with my rifle sight I lock onto him. I can see right down his sight and into his eye. He can see the flash of light from my sight and knows that he has been rumbled. If I fired now my bullet would go into his eye.

The interpreter is mildly alarmed at what she has just observed in case I am upset. I explain to her that I know the surveillance man is not from her country and that if it continues, I will shoot him.

The next day we are out again, and I see the flash of the sight. I drop down prone on the floor and shoot a bullet through the sight. It is a low calibre bullet which shatters the sight but does not enter the eye of the marksman. It is warning enough.

In the dream I am aware that this surveillance is speaking about what is happening in real life, somebody has me under some kind of surveillance and that the people doing this are from my own country.

Dream ends.