unacceptable truth

thanks to his leper’s bell

there is no fleeting chance

of a meeting glance

we will hear him

from afar


his temerity

in his severity

to renounce our ways

it was not us

that made outcast


the imaginary scandal

which we foist upon him

an awkward narrative

a tarnish, a stain



get the Brasso

and polish the vacancy

the vagrancy

where he once was

shine it away








that undead

who has too much blood

let him pass


and quickly so


all those reminders

the alerts

our failings

the railings

to which we are chained


the unacceptable legend

the misanthrope

hermit in a cave

our delusion

is his exclusion


one piece too many

in the box

for the puzzle

a surplus jigsaw

who does not fit, abort


oh, for some magic carpet

to sweep it under

that tiny elephant

in our room

an unacceptable truth