Loss / Lost “Haiku”

a hole in a pocket

lets memories fall

walking along a pavement


a face and a smile

fade in the fog

what did he look like?


dreaming in a colander

and spaghetti of words

what timbre his voice?


no more twinkling

a firmament of no eyes

no bottles to recycle!


no dawn chorus

of a smoker coughing

the house smells sweet!


electric crazy dreams

earthed by a cable

the crashing of a car


a Hoover and a Dyson

are gathering dust

what abhors a vacuum?


being as busy as a bee

papering the walls

to hide all the cracks


squeezing out a smile

all the cats in Cheshire

and toothpaste in a tube


looking behind the sofa

and under the cushions

two pound coins!!


how, so much space?

what was its filling?

pastrami on a rye bread?


hair in the plughole

and piss on the floor

no more farting!


a long forgotten photo

falls out of a hat

the magic of haunting


X marks not the spot

where Davy Jones

claimed his beating heart


no clues or riddles

nor any fresh spoor

a mirage, an illusion!


Altzheimer’s is a gin

that will soothe

have you any tonic?


what you never own

you can’t ever lose

there is not a cost


there is only a hint

and a lingering scent

of what you have lost


the petals of a rose,

an opening of a lotus,

and a river of cataracts


the knot of not

has you, oh so very tied

oh no it doesn’t!!