Dharma of the Day #2

“He was so afraid of dying that he forgot to live…”

Herein is a truth.


fear not death

it is a friend

who if listened to, advises


death and birth

are two sides

of the same coin

and each a beginning


we are all simply hamburgers

sandwiched in bread

waiting to be eaten by time


the fear of death

makes cripples of us all

stand up, walk, run and dance

this is what Jesus said


inside each is Buddha nature

why not seek paranirvana

every day of your life?


all sentient beings experience


this is a better way to see things

it is the gold at the end of the rainbow of life


live now, always

seek new experience

and thrive upon its sweet nectar


don’t over associate with those

who worry about death incessantly

they have a virus which is catching


hunt your death in the shadows of your fears

bring it into the light of day

then shine the sun direct its eyes

watch it blush in shame


be not afraid of the macabre

for its dance speaks only of impermanence

laugh joyfully at its artifice

learn not to be so very earnest about it


from time to time

write your own epitaph

store them in a box

when you feel miserable, read them

and laugh at yourself


do not crave longevity

rather seek fulfilment

within your allotted span


allow not the grindstone of regret

to drown you

be fluid, move and improvise


be watchful ever for dawn

let each day be a fresh paper

onto which you inscribe your being


ponder on this

if you were to live forever

would it be a blessing or a curse?