My Vintage Phone

Something odd happened during the night, T Mobile have finally and irrevocably cancelled my SIM. This made by 2005 vintage phone want to offer me a demo video of how to set it up. They cancelled my SIM because I do not use it. Hard to believe in this day and age, I know. I only use the phone to see the time in the middle of the night.

We have another pay as you go one which we use for bank verified by visa security notifications. So, If I make one phone call a month it is unusual. I do not text anyone. The last call I made was to order some NZ Sauvignon Blanc from Majestic Wine in Calais. It is hard to get southern hemisphere wine here in France, whereas the UK is awash with it.

I am wondering if this severance of phone is symbolic of a final severance of all my ties to my old world, the one in which I bought it, it was top of the range back then. Pretty amazing that the battery has lasted 15years!!

Now it seems everyone is placing their hopes of a return to normality on a vaccine which has not yet passed approval, people are excited, the old normal beckons. It is easy to blank out the idea that already this virus has a mink-based mutation, and no doubt has a few more surprises up its sleeves. But it will be OK we can get back to normal…the money we borrowed to shore up business will miraculously get paid back. The students who may or may not wish to return to their family for Christmas can now do so under some complex weird scheme dreamed up by number 10. I don’t know but I wasn’t overly eager to go home for Christmas when I was a student, I preferred to party with my pals. I had escaped the family prison.

I am not convinced that we are heading back to normality any time soon…

Here in the compound it is a day by day thing. Twice a week click and collect, each day is gardening or DIY and then cook evening meal, watch some TV or Netflix, repeat ad infinitum. Our normality is not massively impacted by the pandemic.

So, I wonder is the phone thingy a sign or is it just face value….