Making Plans for Nigel..

I have this strange feeling that we / I are /am back in this space.

Over the years there have been quite a few instances whereby people have made plans for me, then presented them to me as a fait accompli without asking me or consulting me in regard of said plans.

This morning I had a dream about a job, to be offered me without need of interview. Which is pretty odd as I am retired and not seeking work.

In general, when people have done this, making plans for me, it has not gone well. The offer which “I can’t refuse” has been refused. I haven’t gone along with these plans largely because what people assume are my drivers are not my drivers. I am not flattered by people making plans for me, I just don’t like it especially when there is no consultation. It goes against my values.

It is a weird feeling. Either it is my imagination, or we are back in this space and some plans have been / are being made without consultation.


Not again, I hope…