More Lockdown Cycles

Despite all the hype about non-approved vaccines I am guessing that we will have at least one more lockdown-release cycle. Two could be likely, three possible and maybe there will be a bit of a gap for spring summer 2021, before a fourth in autumn.

It is strange, you see the number of cases reported being mindful of the subsequent mortality. Based on the average number here in France for every fifty reported cases one person dies. When you look at it like that the odds ain’t so good.

In the USA they are reporting ~150,000 cases a day which is over 3000 more deaths to come, each day. That is a lot of death.

You can see COVID-19 fatigue in the news where the reporters latch on to any faint glimmer of hope. Nobody in power has the bollocks to say that we will not be going back to normal and Santa obviously cannot be allowed to be a super spreader. What if SARS-CoV-2 mutates in deer and elves? We must save Christmas!!

Here the discussion in the French financial news is turning around to the idea that people will have to choose which businesses to save, simply because there is not enough money to save them all. It will come to that. Being idealistic and hoping for the best is a tad like burying one’s head in the sand.

Looking at the data here, there is likely to be a release soon, maybe in four weeks’ time…seems to me the idea is that one cannot stop the death just manage when it occurs…keep the hospitals from being completely overwhelmed.

Yeah, my prediction is for at least one more lockdown-release cycle, possibly two before spring 21.