Something Irreversible

In a few days’ time something irreversible, irrevocable, will happen. My patent application will get published and my home address here in France will be linked with that patent application. It will end up on Google patents and in all the patent databases around the world…hell it might even get translated into Chinese.

It is kind of strange, at the very beginning of the pandemic I downloaded the patent application for remdesivir and briefly considered buying some shares in the company which makes it. It seemed to me that an antiviral agent would sooner or later be shown to be part of the treatment. It is a very broad application and whoever put it together did a good job of covering all bases.

I have the odd feeling of jungle drums sounding today, in London. I must stop eating those magic mushrooms…

There is nothing I can do now…whatever is going to happen {if anything} is in play.

Then the next decision is do I bung another 150 quid at it or not. To write a decent application a good firm of attorneys will charge something like five grand.  I did it myself, sat here at this desk on my vintage windows 7 machine, which I bought from an IT refurbishment outfit for 150 quid donkey’s years ago.


Que Sera, Sera,
Whatever will be, will be
The future’s not ours, to see