Ice Dagger of Reason

It is possible to be so stuck up in our heads or with our heads so far up our own arses that we forget. We can be so fixated on being “right” that we become artic frozen beings, fragile and hostile.


This cold artic world

Now murdered

Run through

With ice daggers


The stakes of justification

Banish the hope

Of resurrection

Hearts, pierced silent


Bang on urgent target

Devoid of love

Brutal and

Pregnant with blame


Each frozen scalpel finger

Excises precise

Any quivering warmth

To extinguish


Artificial intelligence

Full of artifice

Is already here

With a deafening profit


Power, money

Death, destruction

The human iceberg

Now inured


On the blade

Is writ

Me and mine

So fuck you


Each stabbing reason

The serial killer

Again and again

And again


No need for love

Nor caring

Bullseye blind

Stiletto sure


Tell me precisely

What exactly

do you mean

by feeling?