The Blue Touch Paper?

Sat here this quiet, oh so quiet morning, during lockdown, only one car has passed in the last hour or so. It is a bit early for shopping.

Yesterday we had the mystery of the fishes. Whilst walking around our large pond I came across two small silver fish on the path. They were only a few centimetres long, clearly dead and separated by about ten metres. They were neatly placed in the direct centre of the path. They are either young roach or top mouthed gudgeon. Fish are not known for making suicidal jumps, especially not neat ones. So how come? It is probably not a Luca Brasi style message but is it a metaphor, a dreaming symbol for something?

They were gone this morning. We get plenty of nocturnal visitors from the river, so something probably had a snack.

I am mindful that I may or may not have lit the blue touch paper, so to speak. On Wednesday it will be published, my patent application. What happens next is largely unpredictable and may be by way of a slow burner. It all seems a world away…

My intuition / infj radar has been picking up all sorts of shenanigans, that something is kicking off, but I have no way of testing this and in any case, it is none of my business.

I know I’ll get busy using the filler to get the wall ready for the wood burner and this afternoon we can continue doing the autumn clearance and pruning up in the orchard. That will keep the “radar” blips at bay and stop them being so intrusive…