Sleepless Night

I have been tossing and turning on and off since midnight. In the end I got up at 5am. I am not anxious or excited about anything. I was physically tired, and it can’t be all down to altered neurochemistry in the lack of nicotine. At first, I slept like a log until past 8 in the morning. That was mighty unusual for me. I haven’t done that since I was a student 30 odd years ago!  So now I am here once again in the pre-dawn. Back to “normal” perhaps?

In the past when this kind of stuff has happened it has been down to stirrings in the web of life, somehow, I seem to pick them up. Well that is one interpretation. There has been correlation to this with event flow. Something is changing, not sure what. I have several ideas which I’ll keep to myself. It does relate to the past, my past.

Yesterday I spent quite a while searching for a piece of my French homework, which I wrote several weeks before the first lock down here. In that homework I predicted what was going to happen with a fair degree of accuracy. We bought some DIY masks, some gloves and stocked up before anything was announced.  So now there is going to be an easing of lockdown which will create the phenomenon of a third wave. It is not really a third wave, rather the wave front propagation of the first incident pebble so to speak. I could not find it, the homework, so I must have deleted it.

I have two words present in consciousness renunciation and vestige. People don’t like it if you renounce that which they hold dear. It is somehow wrong. But many spiritual traditions place a great emphasis on this renunciation theme, it runs counter to indulgence. That is the problem with most religions, they are nice and social with lots of good stuff, but when you are asked to actually do what they preach it becomes harder and less popular. In effect there is often only a cherry-picked observance.

So now we can have our orgy of consumerism at Christmas, get pissed and eat mince pies. People have been asked, even required to renounce some of the things they like this year and they don’t like it. So, let’s keep them sane with a bribe of Christmas a bit like “normal”. The magic vaccine will save us all. So far it has been tested on tens of thousands but what happens when the sample size is millions. There will be hitherto undetected side effects and we don’t know if it stops transmission. We will have a world where the rich are vaccinated and the poor not, so travel from the poor countries to the rich will be limited. I hope that we don’t get down to a 1984 like vaccination passport, maybe a chip or some such.

I have to say that watching the UK change its mind, alter its plans, add layer upon layer of complexity is bewildering. I am at the point that I have lost interest in what they are saying and the nit picking about who is in which tier is bonkers. Things here are much clearer and that in a foreign language!!

Yes, something is afoot.

I hope the orange man is not up to some unpleasant last-minute shenanigans….