Dharma of the Day #5

your expectations and those of others

are the bricks and the iron bars

with which mutual imprisonment

is forcefully maintained;

abandon all expectations


the wish life of the lower mind

creates a concatenation

which manacles the spirit

and blinds true relations;

look very far beyond wishes


the coils of prejudice

squeeze tighter than any Anaconda

circling thought mind

suffocates any nascent growth;

learn to be fluid


the tourniquet of reason

prevents the flow of blood

the cells of new being

are hence deprived;

seek to live like a mountain stream


water does not ever bind

it seeks out new paths

and bends the reeds of circumstance

without damaging them

in so doing it rejoices, daily


learn to laugh like the streams

who caress the mossy beards on all of the rocks

pensive and considerate on their journey

for the banks of a river are merely temporary

water, in time, always merges with Dao


the essence of existence is to merge

to become at-one with the universe

in this water is a great teacher

for water knows its place;

find yours and learn from it each and every morning