A Beautiful Winter Day

It is very still and very quiet here today. No traffic on the road due to confinement, there were a few Day-Glo cyclists this morning, out building an appetite for lunch. Nearly all the leaves are down and the sun low in the sky casts lovely images on the mirror of our pond. It is so mild. Last year it rained near every day in November. I was pretty much housebound then, starting to use my Zimmer frame and then crutches.

I am more than a little knackered, been doing a whole heap of wall preparation, filling and sanding. When you move to a new house you get to uncover the DIY projects of others and understand about their attention to detail or lack of it. It tells you a little about their mentality.

I was even able to use a step ladder. This tends to mess up my good leg. I am much more nervous on a ladder than I used to be. The wood-burner is due for installation next week and should my knee get better I’ll be doing some flooring Tuesday or Wednesday. I must say we are really looking forward to it. My pyro head can’t wait. I looked at the bottom of my shoes, the right one is more worn than the left one, which suggests that I am still favouring my right leg considerably.

I have been reflecting today on how many people pooh-pooh stuff without trying it or even exploring it a bit. There is a knee jerk reaction based in ignorance or fear. So now we have been in a year when various politicians say that they are following “the” science and others talk BS about using bleach. Here in France I read a poll today that suggests half of the people don’t want to take a vaccine. They are perhaps afraid or suspicious. In the UK the vaccine is being hyped like sliced bread. During the year the wife has had many conversations with me about how to read data, she is a language major. So now she knows a little more about graphs…she has taken over the room preparation and is on the first coat of paint.

Over the years I have dabbled in spirituality and New Age, the people there are suspicious of me because I am / was a scientist. People who are scientists may think me whacko for dabbling thus. Both sets have prejudiced people in them!! How do you know unless you give something a good unbiased exploration? The answer is you don’t, you would be opining perhaps because you like the sound of your own voice.

How do you know if you are prejudiced? Would one even notice?