Dharma of the Day #6

there is word called fun

try to have some of this each day

this brings enlightenment, closer


a pole up the arse

causes much suffering

learn to relax a little


when you wake up in the morning

go outside and listen,

can you hear the birds laughing?

follow their example


every human is blessed with folly

meet your own folly

with a twinkle in the eye

and a wry smile


from time to time

do something really stupid

the world will not end

just because you blush


love yourself for how you are now

don’t use unrealistic rulers to measure

life is a journey


if you were already enlightened

you would not be reading this

put down those whips

and give yourself a pat on the back


put your arms around yourself

give yourself a big hug

and smile at the capacity for warmth

which is within us, all.


most of all take your time

and yet hurry up

make haste slowly


one day write upon many pieces of paper

the words, should and ought

light a bonfire and burn them


look always for authenticity

this is the emanation of the real you

the one you lock up in chains

let it out of your prison


seek to be the author

of your own script

a marvellous play,

make it as magnificent as possible


better a comedy or a farce,

than a tragedy or melodrama

humour is liberating


practice your smile

do it not only with teeth

but your eyes also

that is where smiles truly live


try to twinkle a little

each and every day

in time you will become, a star.