The Easy Out

Partially following on from this morning’s dream. We live in a time when it is common to blame and point fingers. People who are different from us a clearly mad, whilst we are the uber-sane. Only our way is right…Personal responsibility is rare.


the easy finger decries

where the madness lies

is a simpler stance

than any acceptance


always somebody other

never needs to bother

to peer within

for any sign of sin


reach into your quiver

before he can deliver

deem him insane

with a mis-wired brain


for he bears an epistle

which smarts like a thistle

undermine and belittle

the confidence to whittle


it is the easy out

to cast some doubt

with some profanity

on his dubious sanity


it is so very lazy

to deem him the crazy

the blackened kettle

of such low mettle


butter on my tongue

melts not its dairy song

I am the Angel me

he has the insanity


It is all his fault mummy, if he wasn’t a nutter none of this would ever have happened…..