Stroll “Haiku”

After the postman delivered some letters, I went for a walk “around the block” so to speak. We lived deep in the country at that time.

There are some woods, some fields and “posh” neighbours with tennis courts being renovated…these represent an attempt to “capture” that walk.

for a lonely postman

delivering letters

a welcome salutation


brown ochre carpet

silences in the wood

soft and springy


fresh horse dung

no longer steaming

a morning ride?


outside the sett

no leaves here!

badger sweeps her doorstep


cloven hooves

fresh in the mud

deer not long gone


canine footprints

long toenails

Reynard the fox has signed


lone buzzard in the sky

flying Westward

a simple majestic


mistletoe on a tree

a garland of red pearls

so ripe and juicy!


single deer print

the stag roams

looking for Hern


corner of the eye

catches the buzzard

who is watching who?


low down sun

he cast many

heap long shadows


jackhammers on

the tennis court

no more forty-love


sat at a keyboard

steaming a little

time for some tea!