Those Annoying Zen Bastards

one from the vault..


If you are sat opposite someone and trying to get them all lively, engaged, arguing, maybe even a little angry and failing, you may assume that you are sat opposite a near dead, disengaged introvert. How can you be sure that you are not sat with one of those annoying zen bastards? Zen-like calm is for some both disconcerting and infuriating. If the bastard then asks you to calm down and collect your thoughts, it is likely that you will become even more infuriated. If you are all excited and want the buzz of bouncing ideas off someone and they just sit there waiting for you to calm down and finish, it can be frustrating.

It never occurred to me that being calm would infuriate, but it does seem to have that effect with some. I guess that I must be, on occasion, one of those annoying zen bastards.