What Is Next?

The graph below shows the evolution of COVID-19 cases in Japan, it is likely that a similar pattern / shape will pan out in Europe. So, prediction #1 is for a third lockdown maybe February.

We managed to place an order for a fitted kitchen which is due for installation around then. The house is big enough to socially distance and France is trying to keep business ticking over.

Somewhat strangely I measured my blood pressure prior to my three-monthly MOT next week, and it was 116 over 75! Which is not “ideal” for an old git like me, it supposed to be 131 over 87. So, the smoking cessation has had a material and measurable effect on this carcass.

I am due a colonoscopy sometime next year, to check for polyps / cancer. As I understand it, they tend to do these under general here, whereas in the UK one is conscious and can see the whole thing live on TV. They were reticent about giving me a general because of asthma, when they put my hip pin in, I was awake and conscious whilst he drilled away. Isn’t intra spinal fentanyl nice…. I may / may not be awake for this procedure. There was some talk of removal of said pin 18 months out, that would be spring 21. I will then have at least one visit to hospital next year.

Largely depending on how acrimonious or not the Brexit end game becomes, it is likely that we will be allowed to stay here. They have just rather nicely given us health rights for another year. We have sent a kilogram of documents off to the prefecture and we meet by a small margin the minimum income requirement. So probably we will be here this time next year.

I had a weird dream yesterday about The Royal Society and The Royal Institution {where I did my Ph.D. donkey’s years ago}. Both of these are in a very posh part of London. There were also some people from my past in that dream. I was talking about photoelectron spectroscopy to one of them.

This dream was particularly incongruous given that I am living quietly as a pensioner deep in the Breton countryside. My life is DIY, gardening, home brew and cooking. I am trying to do a mango wine, just now. Prediction can only be that things will carry on as normal and 2021 will probably contain gardening, DIY, home brew and cooking. It is unlikely that we will venture out of 22 for the foreseeable future. Oh yeah…We will need to buy a chain saw and a wood store to stock up for next winter. Hopefully, the propane bills will reduce, this is our major expense.

The patent application got published, nothing weird has happened yet. Someone from China had a rather deep look at the blog. Likelihood is therefore that not a lot will happen. I can pay 150 quid to get it examined, sometime in spring.

I’ll speculate that the complacency surrounding how great it is for the UK to go it alone, will be misplaced. There will be at least some unforeseen cockups and the post-divorce relationship with the EU will not be as friendly and as easy as envisaged. There will be rows just as there were during the “marriage”.

The two old geezers fighting it out for the white house, will not reconcile. There is a good chance that the newly elected president might pop his clogs during his term. Oh no…. not another US election to blight the news, endlessly. Yawn.

Yeah, at first pass not a lot will change here. Mind you if I do have the pin removed, I will be incapacitated a bit, surely…blue leg will be back.

The pandemic will continue globally, and the recession will continue to bite, soon printing money won’t be the answer. I hope we don’t get down to fighting over vaccines…It will probably take 5 years or so to get this outbreak under control…

It is pissing down again…the hail is bouncing off the lawn. Time to go on river watch methinks.