Caer Paravel

Dreaming of Aslan and the Deep Magic…


Deep in his musty cavern

he lay out the cloth

drawn quadrants

and he rattled

his bag,

his bag of bones


The time is coming.

Now on the table

the bones they spoke,

they spoke to him.

Soon now must he go

to Caer Paravel


To speak with ancient stones

circled at the place,

the place of power

for this Deep Magic

will need a special,

a special place, a special time


In his Grimoire he reads

to undo oaths

made before time with

the words of liberation

the “libera lachryma antica”,

a most potent charm


“By all the power invested

I set you free.

I hold your oaths

entirely fulfilled!!

Go now in freedom

and think me no more”


“Go now free from

the curse of me

vested upon you

aeons ago.

I hold your oaths

entire fulfilled”


“Never again shall I call

in the vaulted Temple.

Go now in freedom

and think me no more!

By all the power invested

I set you free!!”


It has been years

since he has seen

fair Caer Peravel,

years since he walked

walked the stones round,

millennia since he built them


The Deep Magic

permeates there

and it will be good

to taste again.

A few days hence

and it will be so.