The Endless Mystery

I am beginning to wonder WTF is going on. I keep having these dreams of / with people from the distant past and by that, I mean the 1980s. These are people that I haven’t spoken to in over three decades…I am not thinking about them during the day, they go back to my student days at UCL in some cases, one even to school!!

There is an outside chance that someone is doing an inquiry into me and that inquiry stretches way back. Nice of them to consult me if that is the case. How to win friends and influence people, check up on them without asking. I know that kind of mentality, get all your facts straight before any approach. Trouble is that kind of mentality is not my kind of mentality. It is not the kind of behaviour that I condone. A man of honour would discuss things if indeed there is anything to discuss, with me and not skulk.

That inquiry, imagined or otherwise, is perhaps activating long dormant threads in the web of life. I am somehow picking up these activated threads in the nocturnal dreaming.

I cannot think of any other working hypothesis, my feelings towards said individuals are neutral / mildly friendly. I don’t harbour any grudges with them, they, the ones from last night, to my knowledge did not try anything dodgy in respect of me.

WTF,  it is an endless mystery..