Who wants to live forever??

When an instant bridges eternity

ever stretches infinite



past the alpha of world


For is after omega

and the serpent of being

folds continuum cloth



… … moment


To see such things

hinges the very door of madness

and oils the seams of

sand grain seconds


Life becomes eternal autumn

fading the echoes of

the tears and rips



… …into the Dao


To carry such


hot from the counter

of rare unusual fare


Means not to tarry

exile for just a




… …while


And with a draw

from the sideboard

of society


Eyes that see

are no longer blessed

with cataracts


And ears which hear

sound the timpani

of cacophony


… … urges


 for the windows

paint a pane full scene


Which catches not

 the semaphore

of planets

which are


…… as yet,




The longing for, be,





as the know of no


Better then haste

to make


Tidy the must,

the cobweb life

spun in gossamer

on the spinning Jenny


The cost of which

yields no

golden penny


Always autumn

in their lives


The steak of form

pierces the heart

as it sizzles


Seared and sealed

in a fate,


a femtosecond fraction

of forever


And when can bear

no longer,

what then


… ……what then???


Who wants to live for ever??