If it must be so….


As you send me away


With anger in your voice


It tears a little less

Than it did before

Or before that


Though your assumptions

Are no more secure

Than ever



Your will be done


This very night

I will gaze at the stars

And count

All the good things

You showed me


I will look

Into the umbrella wings

Of my heart


Seeking each treasure

Amongst the pines

And wrap it carefully

In the softest finest silk


And lay them

On the fair carpet

Of my dreams

And wash them

As I know best


I will rejoice at

The splendour

And those laughing eyes

And the grace

Of your gait


I will let the ivories

Tinkle in the wind

Of the dance’s

Fairest tune

And yes I will

Howl at THAT moon


I bow fare-thee-well

With an empty palm

And wish for you

Life’s sweetest balm


With my Prydydd’s


I salute you

And thank you


For ALL that you are.