Pas de Deux



Perhaps he could

Be my master


If I choose to let him


And if…

….If he chose to take


Upon his shoulders


How much of me


….Do I have to



Is it just

The flower of me?


To let him inside

Deep inside


For I know

I will have a devil of a time

To re-move him from

My ribs


He scares me so





What is she up to?


With that gentle

Touch on my arm


And the hair

Tossed on the breeze

That hangs close

Enough to

Caress my face


And those questions

That, pull at me to answer

Dressed in the scent of




She wants me….

After all


Or does

She want me, to control?


To fetch and to carry

And service the nightly need



Why, can he not see?


Will he listen to me?

Listen like

That first time

As I shudder with release


Release and trust

That lets him



And parts me

In ways

That I have never parted before


As the careful

Tongue of his words

Probes me


And the tickling

Smile of challenge

Wets my lips

With the laughter in his eyes

And in mine


I feel thirteen again

And never yet been


Behind the bike sheds



Will she laugh at me?


And pile the scorn

On the acorn

Of this

Whatever this



And I know

That she knows

More than me


And I know

That she has

Set this up


So dare I?

Do I

Take her hand?

For despite the earth of it

That tenderness

It draws


It draws something

Out of me


It is my soul

And perhaps


Is what she needs

….The all of me


But will I

Will I have

Have the strength

To take

And to hold

The all of her?


For when it is loose

And in my hands


….What will I do with it?


Can I

Can I really

Have her?