all het up {I am fine}

deep in my gums

emotions teething




those little bubbles rising in the pan

my three second egg is on to boil

I won’t let them out

I’ll burn them in oil


If I scrunch up my face

all paper balls in the bin

no-one will know

I am holding them in


I’ll cut up the soldiers

and chop off its head

soon there’ll be yoke

on each piece of bread 


fourteen billion years since

they last made me wince

I am hiding it well

my pretense doth convince


a Cathar’s release

how I yearn for a valve

a mere morsel of love

might yet prove my salve


the bottling plant whirrs

all ducks in a row

so much explosion

is pregnant and stirs


my pugilist’s jaw

clenched tighter than fists

if only I could dissolve

this reddest of mists


repressed am I no

most certain am I

can’t you tell from that look

here in my eye?


I am fine……..