Cunning Quotes

Cunning… is but the low mimic of wisdom.



Nothing doth more hurt in a state than that cunning men pass for wise.

Francis Bacon


Man’s unhappiness, as I construe, comes of his greatness; it is because there is an Infinite in him, which with all his cunning he cannot quite bury under the Finite.

Thomas Carlyle


Many men have been capable of doing a wise thing, more a cunning thing, but very few a generous thing.

Alexander Pope


Bondage is the life of personality, and for bondage the personal self will fight with tireless resourcefulness and the most stubborn cunning.

Aldous Huxley


The weak in courage is strong in cunning.

William Blake


The greatest cunning is to have none at all.

Carl Sandburg


Man has made many machines, complex and cunning, but which of them indeed rivals the workings of his heart?

Pablo Casals


None speak of the bravery, the might, or the intellect of Jesus; but the devil is always imagined as a being of acute intellect, political cunning, and the fiercest courage. These universal and instinctive tendencies of the human mind reveal much.

Lydia M. Child


This is the great fault of wine; it first trips up the feet: it is a cunning wrestler.