Soft Waves of Regret

If I let one tiny wavelet

past the bastions of reasons

the ramparts of justification

‘t would set me all a shiver


My vigilance must be supreme

for to allow such a heady thing

might shake my core

to litter the ground with tears


That pregnant tumult

with its full quiver of feelings

will overwhelm the keep

and battering ram the heart’s portcullis


To feel its orgasmic climax

shaking, shuddering through me

must I myself forbid

for to taste such fruit….


My frail hidden vulnerability

stripped harsh, naked, human

all that I tend to pretend

shattered into shards of glass


Each feather tickles enticing

soft undulating waves of regret

surreptitious at the harbor’s edge

resist you fool, resist…


Must fend of that tender melancholy

till dawn’s alarm beckons me busy

I can make it through one more night

I can, I can…