Quiet “Haiku”

Kate Bush wrote “50 Words for Snow”, I simply love how a fresh snowfall muffles everything. Out in the countryside it is even more excellent.


the hush of an Eskimo

whispers winsome,

felt dressings in the snow


the caress of rain

on grass verdant is

a most soothing tincture


even the silence

has no echo to it

and each second, sublimes


tense shoulders shrug

for the want of it

the yearn of so many, years


a calamity now calmed

with now no wind

puffing into sails


a feather caresses

as time ceases

any, audible ticks


cotton wool soft

a whispy cloud

wandering, still pensive


oh those decibels

of  the quiet

sound so very, loud


a heart pulses

but not in vein

to breathe yet, in winter


my willow tree

now, braids her hair

and coyly winks


and now the pillows

call so  pregnant

for my brow


soon the quiet

will pull up the duvet

close my ears…..