“Emancipate yourself from mental slavery none but ourselves can free our mind”


Deep under the oceans of life

are secreted in woven baskets

dirty washing and dodgy deeds

and no amount of Persil


… … can wash clean entire the Soul


Bottles of Tanglefoot beer

will not numb what the heart already knows

no DJ can spin things fast enough

to stop all that scratching, burring.


… … One day the Soul will have its dark night


if not in this life then the next.

How clever might you feel

as the days of your life

start to run that little bit  twilight shorter


… … in des Winter’s tiefer Nacht? 


Can you knit and eiderdown with lies

to huddle deep beneath the duvet?

Will all the betrayal, revenge and malice

stop one single toe from freezing?


… … Or might you choose to sing a Redemption song?



When the television mind has only re-runs left

could you stand naked in the rain,

naked and with open hands

before omniscience and omnipresence?


… … There for them to check the Akasha for all your deeds.


When the Lords of Karma

get out their scales to measure

what will you see before your eyes,

a life impeccable?


… … Deep in your heart you already know.


Is redemption then something which only others do?

And will you still put it off

another day, another decade

and cross your fingers tight, so tight?


… … Or, might you find sufficient courage to finally act?


Won’t you help to sing
these songs of freedom?
‘Cause all I ever have
Redemption songs