Paulo Coelho Dream 15-12-20

This one is out of the blue.

The wife and I are in Geneva approaching a university like building. We go up the steps into the building. The interior is grand, dark wood and dated. At the reception desk we ask for Mr Coelho. The receptionist replies that he is upstairs and that he is in his office. Now that he is getting older, he can be a tad eccentric, she adds.

We go upstairs and find a door with his name on. I knock and open the door, putting my head round saying, “we are looking for Paulo Coelho”. He says, “yes that is me, come in”. We enter a cramped office full of books and paper it is very “academic” like. There is a chair next to his desk and one by the door. I say to Paulo that I used to participate in his blog over twelve years ago as Alan in the UK. He thinks about it and seems to vaguely remember. He says that I had better sit down and ushers me to the chair next to him. The wife sits quietly on the chair by the door. We have a nice conversation in which there is much rapport. I say that I have always liked the light in Switzerland because it is fantastic, he agrees. We can see mountains and a blue sky from his office window. I say that I have a feeling that I still have something to do in Switzerland maybe in Geneva or Bern where I used to live. He says that he had better take a good look at me.

He reaches down into the draw of his desk and pulls out a thermometer in a plastic sachet. He lays it down on his desk. There is an unspoken implication that I should take my temperature. He says that he is going to fetch us some coffees, leaves the room and says that he will be back soon. I look closely at the thermometer. It has scales in Fahrenheit and Celsius. What is unusual is that the Celsius scale stops exactly at 33 degrees. In the dream I know that this will not be much use for measuring body temperature. There is room above 33 in the glass, but the markings stop there.

Paulo comes back into the room with the coffees. He notes that I haven’t taken my temperature. Was I supposed to? Yes. I reach forward to pick up the thermometer.

Dream ends

*33 is the light jewel freedom, sometimes absolute freedom

It is also the highest degree in {free}masonry.

As I am writing this up the wife walks in. She has picked up her prescription from the pharmacist, who has given us a fin d’année cadeau . The wife shows me the present it is an alcohol-based thermometer with red dye for measuring room temperature. I say that is freaky, f$£%ing freaky.

Far-out man.