2021 Tarot and Numerology

Each December it is my custom to start to look at the numbers of the upcoming year. Here is my first pass.

Next year is 2021

This overall reduces to a 5

21 reduces to 3

20 reduces to 2

2021 is

So if there is honour 20 there is the possibility of peace and succes 21, the closing of a cycle which brings 5 freedom and change.

If there is a lack of honour then there will be a lack of peace which means we get minus 5. No freedom and change; stuck in a rut of endless papal decrees from on high.

2 humilty and understanding , 0 absolute freedom, 2 humility and understanding, 1 fluidity.

If there is a double dose of humilty and understanding, a sence of freedom and some fluidity then we get the positive freedom and change 5 .

If not go to that cd rack and pull out your Status Quo cds… “Why do we do it, again and again and again…” Groundhog city Arizona.

Honour and humility and understanding  20 and 2 are keys to achieving peace and success..21

21 reducing to a three… mixed abundance, both good and bad…it could go either way….

Arrogance, well that ain’t going to work, dishonour not good either..

There area whole lotta twos!!