Missing Person Dream 18-12-20

My run of strange dreams continues.

I am alone on a nice, wooded island in the middle of a freshwater lake. I am going about my business walking through the wood. I then, in the dream, get a very strong visual image of someone filing a missing person report about me. It is like a remote viewing. This missing person report will kick off an unneeded investigation into my whereabouts.

I decide that I must swim back to the mainland to say that I am not missing. I do not want the fuss to start. So, I go down to the waters edge and jump in. The water is clear and quite warm. I start swimming a strong front crawl towards the mainland. I am enjoying the swim.

Dream ends

I looked up how to report a missing person:


Report a missing person:

Thank you. If you don’t think this missing person is in immediate danger, please contact us by calling our non-emergency number.

Please have the following information ready, if possible.

  •     date and time the person was last seen and who by
  •     their date of birth
  •     their mobile phone number and details of any social media accounts
  •     what they were wearing when they were last seen
  •     their description, such as height, colouring, marks or scars
  •     their address
  •     any family, friends, or places they often go
  •     do they have access to a car? If yes, please have the registration number, if possible
  •     other means of transport (do they have a bus or rail card?)
  •     any enquiries that have been made to find out the person’s whereabouts
  •     any vulnerabilities they have, such as medical needs or a disability?